If you’ve been to any of the Genesis Preschool locations, you know that centers are the core of our approach to learning through play. But what do our students really LEARN when they are playing in our Art Center?

Our Creative Station is filled with supplies to encourage fun and learning at the same time. Students in the Art Center are able to build important skills as well as explore complex concepts that they’re beginning to learn.

Artistic Expression Develops Motor Skills

You see Play-Doh–and maybe some messy fingers. We see strengthened muscles and sharpened fine motor skills as students learn to manipulate small objects into whatever their imagination desires. Students see fun with friends!

You see tearing and cutting and all sorts of pieces of paper of various shapes and sizes. We see students learning how to manipulate small objects and supplies, how to create a motor plan in order to achieve a goal, and heavily engaged fine motor skills. Students see treasures they have created!

You see an easel, a smock, and a paintbrush. We see gross motor skills at work, along with imaginations. Students see masterpieces of their own design!

You see materials of every shape, size, and texture imaginable. We see a combination of fine and gross motor skills being honed, as well as an introduction to texture that expands a student’s understanding. Students see play!

Artistic Expression Stimulates Intellectual Development

You see lines, squiggles, shapes, and colors to convey meaning. We see students learning to read and write!

You see art projects. We see scientific concepts like transparency, cause and effect, hypothesis testing, blending, and attachments being explored.

You see three-dimensional objects on a page. We see the application of math skills like geometry, patterning, arranging, and counting on display!

We are proud to have centers that encourage the development of a complex array of concepts, all within the fun and freedom of the Creative Station.

  • Literacy Skills

  • Scientific Exploration

  • Motor Skill Development

  • Mathematical Concepts

  • Vocabulary Development

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