One of our most popular centers is our Dramatic Play center, which gives students the opportunity to “play house” and mimic housekeeping skills.

You see a game of make-believe. We see key social and emotional skill development as students learn to negotiate roles, agree on a topic, and cooperate with friends.

You see dressing up in costumes. We see fine motor development as students negotiate buttons, zippers, velcro, and laces.

Those games of dress up and role play do so much to help preschoolers develop key emotional, social, and motor skills that will help them succeed in the coming years. Students strengthen their language development as they communicate with each other and utilize role play as a way to develop their own emotional intelligence and empathy. They discover and investigate family roles, engage in early literacy skills and investigate print that appears in daily life, and even expand their math skills by using fractions, matching, and counting during their make-believe play.

Of course, students don’t recognize that these major leaps are occurring. They are having fun, building friendships, and learning to share and cooperate with others. For them, that’s enough.

At Genesis Preschools, we know how essential play is to the developing child. We work tirelessly to offer our students opportunities to combine fun with development by offering activities like the Dramatic Play Center.

Our Dramatic Play Center create opportunities for our preschool students to develop a series of important skills.

  • Social and Emotional Skill Building

  • Fine Motor Skill Practice

  • Language Skill Development

  • Literacy and Math Skill Engagement

  • Family Role Investigation

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