In addition to the other centers that we use to encourage learning through play, we encourage our students to express themselves through music. Music has been consistently shown to provide skill-building on a level that other subjects do not–but our preschoolers simply love the opportunity to play loudly with instruments, voices, and dancing.


Students at Genesis Preschools, through their musical expression:

  • Increase fine motor skills as they manipulate instruments
  • Work on gross motor skills like balance, rhythm, and coordination (air guitar is HARD!)
  • Apply their senses to differentiate between sounds
  • Increase their vocabulary, phonological awareness, and attention span
  • Use math skills like counting, patterning, and tempo
  • Develop all their cognitive areas, as musical expression fires neurons
  • Encourage communication in multiple forms
  • Sing songs about what they’re learning, which forms the backbone of learning at Genesis Preschools