The Genesis Teaching Philosophy

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.

We partner with parents in their child’s growth and development.

The first school experience should spark a lifelong love of learning while nurturing a child’s growing self-esteem.

Young children learn best through a variety of hands-on experiences, framed within a kindergarten readiness curriculum.

A successful curriculum nurtures the whole child, focusing on the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional well-being.

Each child is unique, growing and learning at his/her own pace. We respect that pace.


Each week, students focus on a letter and number of the week. We encourage creativity in thinking and learning about the letters we introduce, with activities like the Teddy Bear Tea Party for the letter T, a Pirates and Princesses dress-up day for the letter P, or the “wedding” to join the letters Q and U together forever.

Creativity combined with curriculum creates not only a fun learning environment but also the foundation for eager, happy, excited students.


We encourage students to play, work, solve problems, and learn together. Our students work in groups regularly and participate in activities that encourage cooperation, learning the rules of fair play, and successful social interaction.

Classes stay stable from academic year to academic year, building bonds of friendship and encouraging social stability.


When your child enters a Genesis Preschool, we start their “Creative Portfolio.” This collection work, art, photographs, and assessments documents the development and progress of your child.

Combined with anecdotal notes from teachers, the Creative Portfolio offers a more complete picture of your child’s life at Genesis.

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