Toddlers have their own outdoor safe haven, with equipment and toys for motor development, coordination, and balance–plus plenty of room for running! We want them to feel safe and secure, even though they have smaller legs, so they stay safely away from the older children.

Preschoolers have multiple outdoor options, all of which are built with skill-building and safety in mind. Among their choices are large covered patios, with concrete surfaces perfect for bouncing balls, jumping rope, playing hopscotch, and drawing with chalk. You might even find an outdoor musical instrument or two if you look carefully!

All of our locations offer preschoolers a variety of safe but challenging outdoor equipment where children can develop motor, social, and sensory skills. A Certified Playground Safety Inspector designed our outdoor climbing structures, which meet the National Playground Safety Standards. Paved paths might find a preschool bike race underway, while other areas encourage both quiet refuge and vigorous outdoor play.

Our playgrounds are covered with beautiful field turf, making them safe for play all year round. In addition to playground structures, preschoolers are also offered lots of non-commercial, open-ended play materials to let their imaginations soar! Our outdoor spaces offer students a wonderful to play and learn together outside.

Little boy having fun playing a soccer game on sunny summer day. Active outdoors game for toddler